Hand produced Porridge with NO added sugars.

Our Porridge range is currently available in 7 different flavour combinations, with every bag containing 30% of Fruit / nuts / seeds.  There are naturally occurring sugars from the fruit in our Porridge but from this you are also getting the nutritional benefit of the fruit content, as opposed to "empty" calories from other porridge brands sweetened from sugar and flavourings.  Dried fruits will also contribute toward part of your 5 a day Fruit target!

We offer our Porridge in both Handy 50g packets or 500g bags (450g Gluten Free Porridge mixes) and are bags are now Eco friendly being biodegradeable


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Gluten Free Fruit and Nut PORRIDGE
Fruit and Nut Gluten Free Porridge Gluten free Porridge Oats with juicy Sultanas, spiced Chopped ..
Gluten Free Fruit and Nut PORRIDGE 450g
Gluten Free Porridge with Fruit & Nuts - 450g resealable bag Gluten free Porridge Oats with j..
Gluten Free Ginger Date Walnut PORRIDGE
Ginger, Date & Walnut Gluten Free Porridge Gluten free Porridge oats, with Chunky ginger piec..
Gluten Free Ginger Date Walnut PORRIDGE 450
Ginger Date and Walnut Gluten free Porridge - 450g Gluten free porridge oats with Chunky ginger p..
Gluten Free Ginger PORRIDGE
Gluten free Ginger & Sultana Porridge Warm and spicy Ginger porridge full of flavour, made wi..
Gluten Free Ginger PORRIDGE 450
Gluten Free Porridge with Ginger and spiced sultanas - 450g Warm and spicy Ginger porridge made w..
Gluten Free Porridge Variety Packs
Variety pack of 7 x 50g Handpacket Gluten Free Porridge Contains 1 of all of the following flavou..
Porridge Variety Pack - Wholegrain
Wholegrain Porridge Variety Pack - Contains 7 x 50g Handpackets of Porridge in all 7 different flavo..
Ginger Date and Walnut
Ginger, Date and Walnut porridge in 500g Resealable bag Creamy porridge oats full of flavour from..
Coconut and cranberry 500
Coconut and cranberry porridge Wholegrain creamy Porridge oats with Sweet coconut, contrasted wit..
Cranberry and sultana 500
Cranberry & Raisin Porridge in Resealable 500g bag Creamy porridge oats loaded with spiced Cr..
Fruit and nut 500
Fruit and nut porridge - 500g Resealable bag A traditional breakfast classic flavour, creamy porr..
Fruit and Seed 500
Fruit and seeds porridge Creamy porridge with juicy sultanas and crunchy sunflower seeds, lightly..
Choc, Date & Nuts Porridge Creamy porridge with real Cocoa powder, chopped dates, Almonds, Wa..
Oat and Barley Porridge
Wholegrain porridge made from a blend of Jumbo rolled Oats, rolled cut oats and Barley flakes For..
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